regarding f(x)’s situation.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been browsing through the tags and people are saying various groups have went through promotions with one of their members absent due to physical injuries. Please take note: physical injuries. 

Sulli’s case is different. I know every idol has received hate comments and criticisms for almost everything they do, but we have to remember that not everyone has the same tolerance for such things. For all we know, Sulli can be the most sensitive person in the world; we do not know her personally. 

This, the hate comments and criticisms have really gotten to her — some of you can tell by the way she lacks enthusiasm in some of their performance ever since Pink Tape era. Do you know how exhausted she is? And do you think hate is going to motivate her to do better? If anything, she’s thinking her fans are turning their backs on her and in the end, she gives up. 

This is not a matter of an injured ankle or a bad flu. We’re talking about emotional trauma here. Not physical injuries, I repeat. In my own humble opinion, I think the other girls decided to stop the promotion on their own. I’ve never really seen a less divided group than f(x), I don’t know how tight the bonds are, but from the past, we can see they love each other, no? I don’t think the other members could stand the fact that they’re forced to perform on stage knowing one of their member is currently trying to deal with her mental health.

In this case, we can’t blame anyone. Not Sulli. Not the girls. Not SM. My hatred for SM stays strong, but I have to say, blaming them for her hiatus won’t do any good. 

Please stop harsh criticisms, please remember that she’s human as well. And as humans, we break, we crumble, we trip and fall, and most importantly, we make mistakes. We can’t cry for her to come back and continue the promotions. I’d be happy for her to do what she needs to do if that means her health coming back the same. All we can do is stand by her, really, right at the moment, she needs our support the most. 

 keep smiling ♡ 

come back to your healthy and smiling self, 설리야 ♥


let’s take a moment to tak about mental health here (sulli’s in particular), because apparently some people are not familiar with it, and don’t understand how it affects your daily life.

being mentally exhausted it’s just as bad and being physically ill. People are saying “if sulli is just sick, why can’t the other members promote as f(4)”. She doesn’t just have a cold, or a fever, which if she did, she totally can take a break because of that, but SM’s statement said “physically and mentally exhausted”, so it’s more than just a cold.

do you know what being mentally exhausted means? it means you don’t wanna get out of bed, get out of the house, you feel everything is too much for you. We are talking about emotional trauma here, not a cold. Of course her member would wanna stay with her and support her.

This is what hate and criticism is doing to her. There are people who can go unaffected by rude comments, but we don’t know sulli personally, we don’t know how she reacts to hate. But the point is, the hate she has gotten until now was too much for her she feels like giving up. She probably feels her fans don’t like her anymore and are turning her back on her.

I don’t wanna say this, I don’t wanna worry people, but why do you think suicide happens? putting aside certains factors like poverty, family abuse and such. What people writing rude comments about her are doing is bullying, and she’s affected by it, obviously. Suicide happens because you feel nobody likes you and you are not good enough, and you feel like you are not worth it. 

So PLEASE, PLEASE, I’m begging you, STOP WRITING HURTFUL COMMENTS ABOUT HER, OR ANYBODY ELSE FOR THAT MATTER. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

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here it is :)


loyal f(x) fans will always support you, sulli ♥

Anonymous asked: What happened with ssul? :(

[ x ] :’(

hi, everybody! since we all know what a rough time sulli seems to be going through right now, please tweet #weloveyousulli to show your support! this would mean a lot, even if she, or none of the f(x) members know about it, it still shows that she has people who love her and care for her, even through all of these hardships. thank you!

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