Heartbreaking text message exchanges between students trapped in the sinking ferry off the coast of South Korea and their anxious parents are offering a glimpse into the desperate situation in the crippled vessel.

"Dad, don’t worry. I’ve got a life vest on and we’re huddled together," one 18-year-old student, identified only by her last name, Shin, texted her father, according to MBC News, a Korean news station.

The father replied: “I know the rescue is underway but make your way out if you can.”

"Dad, I can’t walk out," she replied. "The corridor is full of kids, and it’s too tilted."

The student was among the 290 still reported missing.

In another exchange, a male student texted his mother, who was unaware at the time that the ferry was in distress.

"Mom, I might not be able to tell you in person. I love you," the student texted, according to MBC.


"In fourth grade, I came to Seoul and in the fifth grade, I started living in a dorm. I resided with Taeyeon and Tiffany unnie. They took good care of me and I liked to follow them around. I came to Seoul alone so I only had them to look up to for support.” — Sulli.

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my name is sulli. sul means snow and li means pear flower; so i’ll probably be reborn as a flower who is small but full of strong vitality.
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Most people think of me as a child with a lot of cuteness, but truthfully I’m a bit gruff and I have somewhat of a masculine side.

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"f(x) music style is very unique and its very different from the other groups and they are very pretty." - brown eyed girl’s narsha

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countdown to Sulli’s bday  2 days left

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How to be flawless like Sulli? Answer.

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lovely ssul ヽ(^o^)ノ

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